Carole Rogers’ knowledge and empathy has increased the quality of life in our household through her careful listening to my mother-in-law’s explanation of where she was experiencing pain and her quick identification of solutions.  When it was agreed that two crutches, instead of one, were required for balanced muscle development, Carole and Mum borrowed my IPad to place an order online and the crutches arrived the next day.  Another day, the solution was to obtain “elephant feet” to raise the height of the bed. Back to the website to order and again, by the next day they were there.  Meantime, Carole and Mum have developed a specific exercise regime which Mum undertakes each day.

– Clients Daughter in Law

Third Age Physio has worked with my 89 year old Dad, Alan, for the last 18 months since he had a severe stroke that left him with right side paralysis and the inability to speak.

Carole’s weekly visits are invaluable. As a very active man before the stroke he has found the inactivity very frustrating. Carole has ensured Alan has an appropriate wheelchair which encourages exercise as well as giving him some choice and independence in movement around his environment. She has him walking along a bar, has helped train staff in the home he is in on safe transfers and activity. She has trained me on how to get Alan into my car so I can take him out on trips, has introduced a pedal machine for further exercise which has encouraged others to be more active. She has even managed a bit of line dancing!

Alan trusts Carole, enjoys her visits and even on his off days she shows incredible skill and good humour in persuading him to do something. I appreciate her weekly notes to me…. they, like her visits, are always positive and encouraging and enable me to talk to Alan about what he’s been doing. Activity is vital and I would encourage others to use Third Age Physio, they are all about offering a positive approach to living and helping people make the best of their new, often challenging circumstances and achieve a better quality of life.

– Clients Daughter

I would highly recommend Carole to anyone who has suffered a debilitating stroke. Over a period of five months, two or three times a week Carole has worked with my mother using an array of techniques to improve her balance, sitting, standing, and more recently her walking.

Carole has a super manner. She is clear in her instruction, extremely patient and kind. Carole quickly gained my mother’s trust and the initial incremental gains Mum made strengthened her confidence, which was key to the subsequent significant improvement we have seen over the five month period.

In addition to the physical rehabilitation sessions Carole has consistently taken the initiative in incorporating as much rehabilitation in mum’s daily routine as possible, through:

  • working with care staff so they could provide rehabilitation as part of their daily interactions with Mum.
  • working with family members so they are confident in assisting Mum.
  • rearranging Mum’s room to encourage Mum to use her left (weaker) side more.

Carol provided the family with suggested exercises, as well as practical suggestions to improve Mum’s quality of life. Carole has provided regular and timely feedback on Mum’s progress. At times when she felt that the number of sessions were too much for Mum and should be reduced she guided accordingly.

The level of improvement that we have seen with regards to my Mother’s mobility has been significant, in large part due to Carole. For that I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Clients Daughter

Carole Rogers was recommended to me as someone who could help my mother recover from a severe, debilitating stroke. I have been really pleased by the progress Mum has made with Carole, who has helped her regain movement and strength. Carole always has a great spirit and attitude, her cheery nature and obvious skills mean her physio sessions have been enjoyable as well as helpful.

– Clients Son