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Assessment & Treatment for Vertigo, Dizziness & Balance Problems – Vestibular Rehabilitation

I have successfully completed the Vestibular Competency (2004) and Advances in Vestibular Rehabilitation (2007) Courses in Atlanta, Georgia & regularly present a 2 day Vestibular Rehabilitation Introductory Course which has been College Accredited for other Physiotherapists. I recently attended the Barany Society Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina & I am a member of the newly formed New Zealand Balance, Dizziness & Vertigo Society.

For people who suffer from vertigo and dizziness, Physiotherapy can play an important role in their recovery by focusing on proven treatment techniques to address peripheral and central vestibular disorders caused:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Vestibular loss (e.g. labyrinthitis)

Central nervous system problems affecting the vestibular system (e.g. brainstem strokes)

Treatment for Parkinson’s – LSVT BIG 

I am one of only a very limited number of LSVT Big Certified Practitioners in New Zealand and I am certified to provide Cued Up.

LSVT BIG is a researched based, intensive exercise program for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is based on the principle that the brain can adapt and change when challenged. (Neuroplasticity).

Patients gain faster walking with bigger steps, better balance, increased body rotation and improved quality of life. Improvements in movements have been shown to last up to three months post treatment.

LSVT BIG simply works on the patient making movements BIGGER. It is delivered in a intensive 4 weeks one on one program by a LSVT BIG certified therapist. Each therapy session is 60 minutes long and additionally the participant does daily homework throughout the whole treatment month

By the end of the month a lifelong program of daily LSVT BIG exercises is established enabling the patient to continue to utilise the LSVT BIG principles every day.


Stroke and Brain Injury – Neuro Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can assist people who have had strokes and other Neurological conditions to maximize potential recovery and regain movement abilities. Every stroke is different and treatment must be customised and meaningful to the individual’s needs and goals.

Where relevant I find that involving family members, other health professionals and support people in the rehabilitation journey enhances the benefit of specialized treatment.

I am extensively experienced in a variety of different techniques to treat my clients, inclusive of Bobath Therapy, always ensuring that individual goals and functional needs are at the center of all treatment.

Being an active member of the Neurology Special Interest Group of the New Zealand Physiotherapy Society, I also provide regular exercise classes for the Stroke Foundation meetings.

To help people who struggle to walk due to impaired neurological control, I offer Odstock Foot stimulation. This treatment is designed to improve walking by stimulating the muscles in the leg that make walking easier. This treatment can only be administered by qualified Odstock Foot Clinicians.

Health and Mobility – Physiotherapy for the Older Adult

Everybody is getting older. The desire and ability to lead active and healthy lifestyles today and moving forward is greater than ever.

My passion and goal is to empower people to overcome personal challenges that the aging process presents and take control of health and mobility by offering physiotherapy treatment that makes a difference.

My greatest reward is seeing the smile on people’s faces when they regain the confidence and control over mobility challenges that they face due to balance problems, falls, dementia and generalised weakness.

The service / treatment I offer is personalised to need, working very closely with family members to ensure rehabilitation goals are realistic and achievable through assessment of need, agreement of treatment programme and treating my clients in their home environment, place of choice or where they feel they will gain the greatest benefits.

I partner with several national organisations providing specialist physiotherapy treatment and training in the skills relevant to the care of older adults including: Hydrotherapy for Arthritis NZ, ACC and, Private Nursing Homes. I also provide Manual Handling education to nurses and caregivers regarding back care, handling and positioning for their clients.

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